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Tuesday, January 07, 2014
By Gary
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Note: This post was originally posted on my previous website in November 2012

We live today in a media driven world and you need to look the part in this business oriented world of today. Many times your business headshot is very often the first (any maybe the only) time you get to make an initial contact and impression. Remember that old saying, “You only get to make a first impression once.”

So, let’s talk about why you need one. First, it has been widely reported that LinkedIn pages with a headshot are seven times more likely to be viewed. SEVEN TIMES MORE LIKELY! That means if you just use the stock avatar that your LinkedIn page likely will rarely be looked at.

Second, what does that cutesy shot of you from last year’s beach vacation say about you as a professional – not much. That shot may be great on Facebook for your friends to look at, but on professional business pages such as LinkedIn or your company webpage – not so good. 

And almost as bad…that 20 year old headshot some people are using. Can you imagine what someone thinks when they actually meet a person using an ancient headshot? Must be something like, “what else is he/she misleading me about?” Realistically, headshots should be updated every two to three years or whenever your physical appearance has considerably changed so they are current. 

The simple fact is that people like doing business with people who look professional and a great headshot is one way to convey that image. A good headshot evokes a certain level of trust and creates a comfort level for people looking to do business with you.

So, what makes a great headshot? The great headshot conveys an image of who you are. It allows you to show an openness, a friendly, warm and approachable image. It makes people want to meet you. Just look at these headshots below…they are all professional and show a sincere and warm individual who looks like someone you’d like to get to know.


Gary Feinberg Photography specializes in professional business headshots. Whether it’s the formal studio portrait or the environmental shot in the subject’s natural work environment. We design these shots to convey an image of the real you. When you book your headshot we take the time to talk about what message we are trying to convey. We talk about clothing choices and studio vs. environmental. We have many backdrops in our studio and also access to garden and park locations as well. We are also happy to come to your office or other location of your choice. We will come to you with portable lights and backdrops and we have the capacity to come to your office and photograph an entire staff at the same session.

Call (404) 316-2894 to make an appointment for your headshot session. Go ahead, pick up the phone and call now! 

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